Why food delivery is a must-have for your restaurant to survive and thrive in post-covid reality?

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Covid has changed the way we dine as well as the way we live.

Many restaurant operators have been forced to close parts or the entirety of businesses to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Covid has changed people‘s lifestyle habits and the way consumers dine in. Due to reduced human movement, your business may have noticed sufficient changes to the number of customers you serve every day as dining in is restricted.

People like the convenience of getting their meals delivered, according to Statista report 8.7 million Aussies have ordered food online or through an app in 2020, compared with 5.6 million in 2017.

Why delivery service is important to survive and grow in the era of Covid?

Food delivery is important because even the most high-profile of establishments are changing their products to suit the growing market trend. Technology is pushing the food delivery industry forward as this industry is growing. Integrating an online delivery system to your business model can turn out to be a lucrative task but it pays to do your research accordingly.

How to win at delivery service?

Traditional only is no longer viable that's why business’ must put their trust in delivery to be ready to adopt new ways of doing business with a clear strategy on delivery plans to:

  • Acquire new customers at a lower cost
  • Increase brand presence and moat
  • Reduce order errors
  • Offer promotional deals
  • Analyse customer data
  • Optimise for delivery

Here are the most important tips that will help you improve your food delivery service as a restaurant owner:

1. Make your delivery service available anywhere at anytime

Make sure your website is mobile optimized and you are available on all delivery service platforms.

  • Consider enabling your customers to order straight from your social media accounts by using “Start order” CTA button.
  • Partner with a third-party food delivery service, there are many to choose from.
  • Get your own branded app to make your service even more attractive.

2. Consider optimising your menu for delivery (we can help)

Think of food delivery optimisation and make sure all menu items will travel well. You don’t want to deliver messy looking meals to your customers. You can book a call with one of our dedicated consultants to chat through your options.

3. Make sure food is carefully and correctly packaged for delivery

It is important to invest in high-quality packaging that will ensure delivering food safely. Also, add your branding on all packaging.

Final Thoughts

With changing customer behaviour, restaurant and cafe owners can’t rely on foot traffic to run their business successfully. Running your business online has become an essential part of the hospitality business model. Digital presence is no longer something ‘nice to have' it’s a ‘must have’ to survive in the new environment.

Delivery Only Brands can guide you through marketing tactics that will keep you connected to your existing customers and introduce you to new ones as you adjust to a new normal.

We have required experience and proven solutions for restaurant owners which we will be happy to share.

Our solutions cover:

Our focus is to provide restaurant owners solutions on how to make their business strive in this environment