There is a new way to thrive in the hospitality world.Rent or Host a DOB Ghost kitchen.

Whether you’re a phenomenal foodie with an entrepreneurial spark or a restaurateur wanting to find a way to tap into some additional revenue, Ghost Kitchens provide flexibility and zero upfront costs for both host and tenant.

How can I find a perfect flexible kitchen set up for my food concept?
How do I adapt my struggling business so I can capitalise on my kitchens ‘down time’?
“The global cloud kitchen market size was estimated at 43.1 billion U.S. dollars in 2019 (pre pandemic) and is forecast to reach 71.4 billion U.S. dollars by 2027.”

What is a Ghost Kitchen?

Sometimes also called cloud kitchens, or virtual kitchens, these kitchens allow food businesses to operate with no storefront and at minimal costs. The kitchens are ready to use and available for lease to anyone, whether they are a catering business, an enterprising foodie, a delivery-only brand, or anything in between.

DOB has all kinds of Kitchens - big or small. Flexibility is at the core of our offering - anything from a couple of evenings, all mornings, all day on Tuesdays, to only a few times a week!

Why LIST your kitchen with DOB?
  • List your underutilised commercial kitchen facilities and target a growing market of hospitality professionals wanting to tap into the booming food delivery market.
  • Without even realising it, you’re currently sitting in an empty or underutilised kitchen that is perfect for those looking for an easy and flexible answer to their delivery concepts, manufacturing, catering operations, bakery ideas, mobile food vending or menu testing concepts and more.
List it, lease it, and maximize your revenue.
Why RENT a kitchen with DOB?
  • Are you one of the huge waves of foodies trying their hand at the growing food delivery game?
  • Ghost Kitchens provide a flexible and affordable platform for you to ‘set up shop’, without actually setting up a shop! Lease a kitchen for only the hours you need and with the kitchen requirements you need.
  • Why pay for hours/days/months that you’re not using the kitchen? Focus your budget on your budding business, not worrying about the huge expense of fitting out a brand new restaurant.

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