Virtual franchising,a new way to maximize your growth without the headache of a physical location.

Whether you’re a social media celebrity with an entrepreneurial spark looking to create a new food brand OR a seasoned Restaurateur wanting to find a way to tap into a potential new market, Virtual Franchising gives you the freedom to enter into the thriving food delivery market with a bang!

“Let’s maximize your existing fixed cost of staff and kitchen with a new Virtual Brand and turn it to profit.”

Join the most innovative and trend setting company in the Restaurant industry in the Country!

DOB is the fastest growing Virtual Franchising restaurant company leading the industry with top of the range online restaurant brands which are built to generate high revenue or have expertise to turn your existing brand to a high yield revenue generator. We help maximise your revenue by adding a turnkey virtual restaurant or introducing your own brand with a standout virtual presence.

“Our data driven menus are easy to prepare, cost effective and created based on what customers are craving within your trade area when ordering online. The menus are carefully crafted to minimize food waste and maximize profit.”

Reach your kitchen’s potential and maximize profits in 6 easy steps:

No upfront fees

Yes you heard it right !! Unlike traditional franchise agreement, to become a DOB partner, requires no heavy up-front fees, no long term commitment, and you can cancel at anytime. We just take a small percentage of sales to cover costs associated with development and growth.

Reach potential, growth and revenue without additional overhead cost

Joining DOB means more orders and revenue everyday, using your excess capacity and downtime.

Benefit of DOB Virtual Franchising for Restaurants

DOB Virtual Franchising presents an exciting opportunity for restaurants with extra kitchen capacity. We help you turn your underused kitchen and staff capabilities to a new online food delivery business and create a new steady income stream. Access to carefully created restaurant inspired brands by our industry experts and take your current business to the next level of success.

Create a Brand, Franchise, Grow Virtualy. Confused? We’ll show you how

Book a free consultation with us and we will help you set up your delivery business up and running in no time.