TOP 5 Food Delivery Trends in Australia in 2021

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The hospitality business has changed since the start of the pandemic, the way consumers shop, celebrate occasions and entertain themselves have a huge impact on cafe and restaurant business models.

Having customers order directly through your own website or app, you’ll remove the middle man altogether and avoid having to pay commissions.

New business reality and constantly changing consumer preferences encourage business owners to embrace new ways of running their business. We put together the TOP 5 trends in the Food Delivery business which continues to impact your hospitality business in 2021.

1. Growing industry

Food delivery is a growing industry, new research from Roy Morgan shows over 5.5 million Australians aged 14+ (26.5%) used meal delivery services last year, up from 3.9 million (19.0%) in 2019 and 3.3 million (16.3%) in 2018.

2. Increasing popularity of food delivery among Millennial and Gen Z

The biggest increase in the use of meal delivery services in 2020 was seen among the two youngest generations. The numbers show that over a third of Millennials (37.2%) and Generation Z (37.2%) have used food delivery services in an average of three months.

3. Capital cities ahead of regional towns

According to the new research by Roy Morgan, there’s a big difference between capital cities and country regional areas in using delivery services. The numbers from cities is 31.6%, nearly twice as compared to 16.6% from the region. And among the cities, Melbourne makes itself top of the list with 36.1% of Melbournian have used delivery service, followed by Sydney (31.7%) and Perth (29.0%).

4. Positive growth outlook after the pandemic

Delivery apps have become more important than ever as COVID-19 pandemic forced restaurants to shut down during lockdowns in most of the main cities around Australia and the world.

With the increase of usage of delivery services during 2021 and probably 2022 as the vaccination program continues around Australia in the short term, lots of restaurants have little option but to sign on to any of the apps available to deliver their products. We have multiple reasons to believe that food delivery apps are going to stick around in the near future and in the post-pandemic world.

5. Food delivery subscription

Subscription based food delivery and meal kit service have found momentum as millennial and specialized online food delivery came together and got a great combination. The food delivery domain is undergoing huge changes thanks to the millennial and Gen Z. A recent survey by The Food Box Mate revealed that last year an estimated $200 million were spent by Australians on meal delivery kits.