The Rise of Ghost kitchens

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While food delivery has been steadily growing in recent years, the Covid pandemic has decimated the restaurant industry, thrusting food delivery into an accelerated pace of growth. There has been a surge of new delivery-only food brands, requiring kitchens to prepare their food.

Enter ghost kitchens. Sometimes also called cloud kitchens, or virtual kitchens, these kitchens allow food businesses to operate with no storefront and at minimal costs. A ghost kitchen is essentially a commercial kitchen, fully equipped, ready to use, and available for lease.

DOB ghost kitchens offer an alternative to traditional, expensive, long term rental commitments.

Big or small, free to list, free to find, and available for lease for anything from a few hours to several days per week, the potential DOB delivers is in the matching of the right foodie with their perfect kitchen set-up in a few easy steps. These kitchens are available for lease to anyone that needs a kitchen, whether you’re a chef, caterer, an enterprising foodie or anything in between.

With their super flexible offering and low risk, low start-up cost model, DOB Ghost kitchens provide a new solution and are one of the latest trends making an impact on the food and delivery market.

Whether these kitchens are in a community facility, on business premises, at a cooking school, or a function centre without any formal dining areas, there is something for everyone.

The Benefits of Ghost Kitchens

The concept of ghost kitchens may not appeal to you in the beginning because it is something new on the market, but just read about the benefits it brings and you may quickly change your mind.

1. Multiple brands under the same kitchen

Sometimes one brand is not enough to capture enough orders. With the ghost kitchen concept, you can build multiple food concepts in one space and significantly increase the number of incoming orders.

2. Minimise costs, maximise profit

Have you experienced a moment in your business when the costs of your restaurant exceeded the profits? Luckily, having a ghost kitchen will save you money by cutting costs on front-of-house, labour, wasted food and expensive real estate.

3. Take advantage of increasing demand

The demand for delivery services is on the rise. Ghost kitchens allow restaurants to expand their online ordering business by adapting to the new e-commerce driven industry and increasing their exposure to third-party apps.

4. Experiment with low risk

You don't need large investment outlays to start your ghost kitchen business. Therefore, unleash your creativity in the kitchen without worrying about major losses.

5. Maximize your kitchen

The ghost kitchens make it easier to run a delivery-only business by using commercial kitchens that do not have a seating area. This way you can maximize the space in the kitchen and make more room for the preparation and distribution of meals, as well as use multiple menus in the same commercial space.

The future of Ghost Kitchens

Ghost kitchens allow restaurants to test different gastronomic ideas, experiment with different business models and, above all, adapt to the new delivery-only reality that is less dependent on the on-site dining experience.
As the restaurant industry continues to change its landscape due to the pandemic, ghost kitchens gain a big advantage by being flexible, not depending on on-site dining and meeting the growing demand for food delivery. All you need to have is an efficient kitchen space optimized for fulfilling as many orders as possible. Ghost kitchens also reduce the overwhelming aspects of running a restaurant business making it a simpler way to grow. Further, more and more customers appreciate the flexibility and variety of options provided by food delivery services.